idk what i want you to talk about (((( top five fics you want another person to write?


  • i need you to write me sid and g as literal superheroes i NEED it
  • i also need a paulie and nealer firefly au with doctor/medic paulie and incompetent captain nealer and pilot flower and sid and geno as married mercenaries it’s all very important to me okay
  • also me and laura also JUST talked about a frat au where paulie and nealer rush the same frat and all the pledges get paired up randomly and have to be handcuffed together for a week and Hijinks Ensue
  • in non pittsburgh news, i really really really need a hawks leverage au with kane/toews and bollig/saad/shaw, i need it more than anything
  • inception au of literally any pairing (although me and aaron talked about benn/seguin where jamie gets trapped in his own dreams and the rest of the stars send tyler in to bring him back and then Feelings Happen and everything is complicated
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i am having a wild evening of gilmore girls and thai chicken and mushroom soup, you guys should come chat! ask me questions, top fives, whatever!

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favourite band of brothers characters

You give him morphine? [Yeah.] How much? [I can’t remember. Two, three syrettes maybe.] Three syrettes, maybe. [Yeah.] Jesus christ, were you trying to kill him? [It was two.] You don’t think it might be important to let me know how much medication the man has had, huh? Because I do not see one syrette on the man’s jacket. [Sorry, Doc.] Good thing he’s a big man. Maybe he’ll stand a chance. [He was in a lot of pain, Doc. We didn’t know what to do.] Well, you oughta. You know, you are officers. You are grown ups. You oughta know.

How Chicago is diversifying youth hockey →

the quiet ones are usually the most dangerous.

The Madhouse On Madison: Crawford Injury Not the End of the World →

Twitter announced today that Chicago goalie Corey Crawford is out with a day-to-day upper body injury, confirmed by Coach Joel Quennville after teammate Patrick Sharp said he was just ‘sick’.

A year ago, this would have been a problem.

Go the Distance/Defying Gravity Mashup
Kick Full (188,957)


It’s time to try defying gravity-

               -Like a shooting star, I can go the distance-  

   -Kiss me goodbye I’m defying gravity- 

               -I will search the world, I will face its harms- 

    -I’m Flying high, I’m defying gravity-

                -I don’t care how far, I can go the distance-

    -And you won’t bring me down! And you won’t bring me down-

                                                                                 -‘Til I find my hero’s welcome right where I-

                                -And you won’t bring me…  

Ben Scrivens talking about if he is aware when Steven Stamkos is on the ice



Two for Slashing - Episode 28 →