1/12/14 Oilers @ Blackhawks: Andrew Ference and Jonathan Toews make love, not war


imagine your ot3 started as two otps. you spend days thinking over which one you ship more when suddenly a lightbulb goes off. “why don’t I ship both at the same time” you say. you gain an ot3 shaped like a V. as you think about it, you realize there’s no reason the other two can’t also fall in love with each other. they become a triangle and everything is perfect forever. based on real life events

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↳  Malcolm Subban


Joe Strummer of The Clash (x)



Great Danes are gentle giants.

I just love Danes a lot, guys.

ordered my jerseys for the upcoming phoenix season tonight

you’re damn right i got 76 on them

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When You Break
Bear's Den - Agape (2,109)

When You Break - Bear’s Den
And I have seen all that you’ve seen
And I have been where you’ve been
No, our hands will never be clean
At least we can hold each other

frat bros lip sync to taylor swift’s shake it off, wildly entertain